FRU 2020 is Happy, Joyous & Free!

Greetings Friends!

Happy, Joyous & Free: it’s an exclamation, or, if that’s too strong, a suggestion. When we begin the path of recovery and start working the steps, our anxiety and fears fall from us and we find ourselves experiencing a new-found and natural state of being. “Serenity”

As we grow in recovery we move in and out of feeling serene, sometimes many times a day. In our busy lives, while working, doing recovery service, even at home; some of us are often challenged to “reset” our day and come back to ourselves, to a place serenity. We can only be truly helpful to others when we’re serene and have let go completely. So, you’re here; now let it all go and let it happen.

Florida Roundup 2020 welcomes you! We extend the invitation to enjoy this weekend and not just find serenity but plunge into the moment. Let go of all the distractions of the weeks before and live this moment sober and serene with friends and family. On page 86 of the big book, we read, “We relax and take it easy. We don’t struggle.” Let’s all try this during the next 4 days and have an amazing time. Let’s be mindful of each other and our surroundings this weekend. Reach out and say hello to someone you don’t know. We have some workshops that will provoke you and our speakers are surely going to inspire us all. We are just so happy to be back at the Eden Roc Hotel and want to make this our new home for the next 36 years. Hopefully you feel the same and will enjoy all our committee’s hard work by visiting us in the Mona Lisa for some freshly squeezed OJ and buy a t-shirt and coffee mug. If not for yourself, for a sponsee? Enjoy all the pools and the beach and the ocean and the sunshine and the fresh air and workshops and speakers and ah; just bathe in serenity and rejuvenate your recovery.

We hope you have a wonderful 2020 Florida Roundup,