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A Letter From Your Co Chairs

Sometimes sadness bogs us down so badly that we are SURE we will never smile again- then that song from High School comes on the radio and we are transported back to the first time that song meant something to us and the sadness is nowhere to been found.

Sometimes we feel so trapped (probably in our mind) that we can’t even see the sun that is shining above- then break WE free when our mind and our spirit click from ‘me’ to ‘WE’.

This is happy, joyous and free.

Our journey has brought us to exactly where we are right now. We would like to invite you to find that perfect spot, celebrate where you are—participate in workshops, soak in the Experience, Strength and Hope of our speakers, lounge by the pool (don’t forget to wear Sunblock), taste our fresh squeezed pure Florida orange juice, make a new friend or make  more memories with old ones!

Welcome back to Florida Roundup at the Eden Roc Hotel on BEAUTIFUL Miami Beach! We are working hard to bring you an unforgettable experience! To our returning family; it’s always so lovely to see you again. For our First Timers; please take a deep breath and enjoy yourselves, if you need anything just let one of us know- everyone is happy to help.

If we stay the course of sobriety one day at a time, we are more likely to remain Happy, Joyous and Free!

Make it a GREAT weekend!

Bobby A and Billy G

CoChairs Florida Roundup 2020

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