Letter from your Co-Chairs

Hello and welcome back to your favorite ON THE BEACH Roundup- THE FLORIDA ROUNDUP! 

Let’s first talk about RESILIENCE. Here is a description of the word we found that perfectly describes our entire FRU community…

“Resilience is the ability to withstand adversity and bounce back from difficult life events. Being resilient does not mean that people don’t experience stress, emotional upheaval, and suffering. … Resilient people tap into their strengths and support systems to overcome challenges and work through problems.” – (

As we tap into our strengths and lean into our support networks, we find the courage to “Break FREE”, and let us say, a very fitting theme for our conference this year. 

Our focus on diversity and inclusion started just as our world was shutting down in 2020. We created and appointed a brand new board position, our very first Diversity Ambassador, Joyce M. And our hope is that her (and many others) hard work is reflected in our Programming this year. 

This year’s conference is surely one you won’t forget, from our new location in Fort Lauderdale Beach, to the workshops- some new and some familiar favorites. Friday Night Live! is back with TWO amazing entertainers. Shake what your mama gave ya at our infamous Saturday night dance. We are confident that at FRU: Break Free 2022, you will cherish these 5 awesome days of quality R&R, fellowship, fun in the sun, recovery and spiritual growth. What an exciting renaissance- what a time to be alive and SOBER!


In short, we see and feel your COURAGE and your RESILIENCE, and now we simply BREAK FREE and live our LGBTQIA+ lives!!! 

In Loving Service,

Your dedicated CoChairs,

Billy Gall and Joffrey B.